The Star Vancouver

July 2018

Cannabis workers targeted at border

The Immigration
Law Firm

​​​The Canadian Press 

November 2013

Legal pot in U.S. could cause problems for Canadian travelers

Men's Journal

​July 2017

Marijuana showdown at the border

Victoria News

December 2016

Legalizing pot won't help at U.S. Border

CTV News  

February 2011

Ongoing saga for B.C. man in mistaken identity case

Mistaken identity cleared: B.C. man allowed into U.S.

May 2011

B.C. Man barred from visiting own U.S. cottage

Man barred from U.S for 56 yr old crime

June 2011

Dog lover banned from U.S. for five years

February 2013

Vancouver Actor 'Violated' by U.S. border ban

March 2013

B.C. man admits he tried pot gets banned from U.S.

Man admits to trying drugs, gets banned from U.S.

Hazy pots laws causing confusion at U.S. border

April 2013 

​Philanthropist inexplicably rejected for Nexus pass

January 2016

Washington Lottery vows to help Canadian Powerball players to collect prize

August 2016

Too Honest? B.C. man barred from U.S. after border confession

December 2016
Ross Rebagliati fights U.S border ban  stemming from pot use

How Canada's legalization of Marijuana could change relations with the U.S.

April 2017

Canadian legalization of marijuana raises questions for travel to the U.S.

May 2017

​Olympian barred from U.S. over pot use files application to cross border

April 2018

Canadian pot legalization could lead to long border wait times

April 2018

The National - 4/20

May 2018 ( Power Play with Don Martin)

It 's still illegal

June 2018

​Why admitting to cannabis use could get you banned from the US for life

June 2018

Jogger who crossed U.S. border accidentally - warning to Canadians

July 2018

Pot problems at the border

July 2018

Why investing in pot could pose problems at the U.S. border

July 2018

Investing in pot could land you in trouble

Blackpress Media ​ 

March 2014

Unpaid U.S. speeding ticket trouble

Mother Jones 

June 2018

Canadian's who use pot banned

The Washington Times

September 2016

Canada to urge U.S. for changes to border laws

The Daily​ News

September 2009

Couple separated by border meet at Peace Arch