We offer several ways to make payments for Legal and Government Filing Fees:

1. Payment options with NO FEE:


                                                    -Cashiers Checks

                                                    -Money Orders


2. Payment with convenience FEE:

                                                     -Credit cards (Visa  & Mastercard)

                                                     -International Wire Transfer 

Credit Cards  are accepted with a convenience fee of 3% assessed for each transaction.

This fee will be added to your total payment and is non-refundable.  

Please call our office to confirm amount due AND receive an INVOICE number required to use our online processing system.

International Wire Transfer information can be provided upon request and a flat fee of $25 will be added to the amount owing to cover bank fees charged for transaction processing.    Please note, your bank MAY charge an additional fee to process so be sure to ask and confirm prior to sending funds. 

The Immigration Law Firm

​​*Completion of your payment transaction is contingent upon successful authorization and  payment of this transaction by your card company.

 *Once a payment is made with a credit/debit card,  we cannot cancel the payment even if an error in amount is made.   


   An  INVOICE NUMBER  is required to make a

   Credit Card Payment.   Please call our office

   before making payment. 


The Immigration Law Firm