The Fresh Toast

Aug 2018

Marijuana investors banned

May 2018

Marijuana blocks Canadians form U.S.

Mother Jones 

June 2018

Canadian's who use pot banned

Dabs Magazine

April 2018

Canadians fear U.S. ban

Green  Entrepreneur

March 2018

Border officials banning Canadians

Len Saunders

Digital Journal

Jan 2014

Petition to deport Justin Beiber

Cannabis Business times

July 2018

Industry concerned over increased border stops

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Sept 2018

Pot border impact

Cannabis News Box

July 2018

Consumers turned away at border

The Immigration Law Firm

Cannabis Culture

Jan 2015

Pot shop attracts Canadian buyers


The Immigration Law Firm

The Leaf News

June 2018

Crossing the line

420 Magazine

April 2018

Banned from the U.S.?