The Daily​ News

September 2009

Couple separated by border meet at Peace Arch 

CTV News  

February 2011

Ongoing saga for B.C. man in mistaken identity case

Mistaken identity cleared: B.C. man allowed into U.S.

May 2011

B.C. Man barred from visiting own U.S. cottage

Man barred from U.S for 56 yr old crime

June 2011

Dog lover banned from U.S. for five years

February 2013

Vancouver Actor 'Violated' by U.S. border ban

March 2013

B.C. man admits he tried pot gets banned from U.S.

Man admits to trying drugs, gets banned from U.S.

Hazy pots laws causing confusion at U.S. border

April 2013 

Philanthropist inexplicably rejected for Nexus pass

January 2016

Washington Lottery vows to help Canadian Powerball players to collect prize

August 2016

Too Honest? B.C. man barred from U.S. after border confession

December 2016
Ross Rebagliati fights U.S border ban  stemming from pot use

How Canada's legalization of Marijuana could change relations with the U.S.

April 2017

Canadian legalization of marijuana raises questions for travel to the U.S.

May 2017

Olympian barred from U.S. over pot use files application to cross border

April 2018

Canadian pot legalization could lead to long border wait times

The National - 4/20

May 2018 ( Power Play with Don Martin)

It 's still illegal

June 2018

Why admitting to cannabis use could get you banned from the US for life

Jogger who crossed U.S. border accidentally - warning to Canadians

July 2018

Pot problems at the border

Why investing in pot could pose problems at the U.S. border

Investing in pot could land you in trouble

Oct 2018

Guidelines for crossing the border

Border nightmare

Banned at the border, a cautionary tale

Nov 2018

​Pot users/investors at Canada/U.S. border

What investors need to know

August 2019

​3 things to know before crossing the border with cannabis

Canadians hit with lifetime ban for carrying CBD oil at U.S. border

September 2019

​Lifetime ban reversed for 21-year-old Canadian caught with CBD oil 

​Canadians banned from U.S. -  do's and don'ts 

November 2019

Can border agents search your phone?

Jan 2020

Lawyer describes chaos at border as Iranian-Canadians are detained

5 year border bans tripled in last year U.S. customs data shows

Global News

April 2013

A warning for B.C. residents who take pot across the border

September 2013
Border pot problems predicted to get worse

February 2013

Vancouver actor banned at U.S. border

February 2014

​B.C. woman told U.S. border she smoked pot, pays $600 to cross 

March 2014

B.C. woman who told U.S. border guards she smoked pot

July 2014

Canadians buying pot in WA state, what you need to know

January 2015

New Marijuana store in Blaine hoping for high Canadian sales

November 2016

Pot use after it's Legalized in Canada could still get you barred from the US

August 2017

B.C. Mom, red tape stopping cancer survivor from taking U.S. trip

Sept 2017

Do not tell U.S. border guards you smoked pot

Non-Americans barred from U.S. for smoking pot

January 2018

How U.S. federal crackdown on marijuana could affect Canada

March 2018

The Linda Steele Show - Guest Len Saunders

March 2018

​Telling US border guard you smoked pot is dangerous

April 2018

U.S. senators worried weed legalization will cause delays at border

Legal pot buying data could get you banned from the U.S.

May 2018

​Blair's advice to tell the truth at the border is 'Dangerous'

Sept 2018

Pot sector workers could face big troubles at U.S. borders

​Cannabis connections may hurt Canadians

Oct 2018

Will legal cannabis users be banned from the U.S.?

Nov 2018

Canadian users worry about problems at the border

April 2019

Inn owner charged with trying to legally sneak people into Canada

May 2019

Smuggler's Inn owner charged with smuggling people illegally into Canada

October 2019

Would U.S. legislation solve Canadian border woes?

January 2020

Never had a problem at the border - until he got a Canadian Pardon

Iranians held up at U.S.-Canada border

​Extreme Vetting, a local directive: CBP Whistleblower

Ottawa Citizen
Sept 2018
Lawyer warns cannabis workers

Canadian Lawyer Magazine 

July 2018

Working in Legal Cannabis puts you at risk

Blackpress Media ​ 

March 2014

Unpaid U.S. speeding ticket trouble

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Victoria News

December 2016

Legalizing pot won't help at U.S. Border

The Immigration Law Firm

Zoomer Radio -Toronto
August 2019
Cannabis at the Border - Len Saunders

The Immigration Law Firm

Regina CJME Radio

Oct 2018

Know your rights at the border

​​​​The Canadian Press 

November 2013

Legal pot in U.S. problems for Canadians