The Immigration Law Firm


 Only an educated, bar accredited and accountable  attorney who specializes in  U.S. immigration law can save time and money when dealing with the complicated U.S. system.   With so much confusing and misleading information online it can be extremely frustrating and time consuming to maneuver through without experienced guidance.   Call our office and discover why Len has so many devoted and thankful clients.  

For legal entry into the United States, there are roughly 185 different types of Visa's, most falling into the categories of visitor, immigrant and non-immigrant visas.   Below is a general list of  the visas and issues we handle most commonly.

The Immigration Law Firm

Family Immigration

Are you marrying an American citizen?  Are you an American with a foreign fiance? Are you moving to the USA permanently with your children?  We have in depth knowledge of all  family immigration law, from fiance & spousal visas, to green cards & visa renewals.


If you have lived in the U.S. as a permanent resident you may eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship.  Work, travel, and vote  permanently in the country you reside! 

U.S. Citizenship 

Could you be an American citizen? We handle derivative citizenship  & child citizenship claims, birth abroad, as well as naturalizations.

Denied Entry Waivers

 Have you been denied entry to the U.S?

We handle legal entry for people who are found to be inadmissible on one or more grounds.