Accounts Manager

Tara achieved her Bachelors Degree from The University of British Columbia  and has been with the firm since 2005.  She  handles  our accounting, as well as manages our office, technology & media platforms.  Tara is a  Canadian and American  citizen. 


Waiver Case Manager

Danny achieved his Bachelors Degree from The University of Western Washington .  He worked as a U.S. Customs & Border Protection Officer until he joined the firm in 2015.  Danny is a U.S Entry Waiver Specialist and works primarily on applications for waivers of inadmissibility.

The Immigration Law Firm

The Immigration Law Firm


Senior Paralegal

After many years as a private business owner, Pawan joined the firm in 2016.  She handles client inquires & manages all intending immigrant & citizenship applications. Pawan is an Indian & American citizen. 

​​​​​Legal Assistant Interns

Justin (2021 -2022) -  Justin is a University of Washington student working towards a Bachelors Degree in Law, Societies & Justice.

Payton(2020) -  Payton is a University of Washington graduate in Law Societies & Justice and is currently attending Texas Tech University School of Law working towards her Juris Doctorate.   

Alex  (2019)  -  Alex participated in a U.S military program, SOLDIER FOR LIFE , which transitions military service members to civilian life through career education and training.  

Ashley (2018) - Ashley is a University of Washington graduate who participated in an internship program which sought a connection between academic and workplace experience.  She now works as a para-legal at Fragomen  Law Group in Los Angeles, CA.